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My open letter to the FCC regarding Net Neutrality

As a web & mobile developer, my livelihood literally depends on the internet. I operate and maintain both my company’s and my own personal cloud servers and thoroughly understand the infrastructure of the internet. The proposed “slow & fast lanes” or as the cable companies have tried to disguise as “fast and hyper speed lanes” is a fundamental shift towards an internet... read more

My intial thoughts on Google+

I’ve only been using Google+ for a day but so far I’m very impressed. I find it interested that Google, the king of algorithms, has actually brought a very human feel to the social networking arena. I’m speaking of circles. The concept of circles brings to the social web something that Facebook has been seriously lacking for a while, a way to easily choose which friends see what. Now I... read more

It’s still Facebook, just safer – Secure access guide

If you’ve ever had you Facebook account hacked, phished or otherwise infiltrated, you’ve probably wondered what you can do to ensure it doesn’t again and if there was anything that could have been done to prevent it to begin with. While you could always use a password that uses every letter in the alphabet mixed with Egyptian hieroglyphics (good luck finding those on a keyboard); a much... read more

Apple vs. Adobe: When Large Corporations Fight Like Children

After months and months of hearing about the whole Apple vs. Adobe “Steve Jobs hates flash” debate; I’m incredibly surprises people are still going on about it. This morning I was reading an article on Mashable regarding Adobe’s revenue performance. The fact that people still think that HTML5 will completely wipe Flash from existence as we know boggles my mind, and why do people... read more