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My intial thoughts on Google+

I’ve only been using Google+ for a day but so far I’m very impressed. I find it interested that Google, the king of algorithms, has actually brought a very human feel to the social networking arena. I’m speaking of circles. The concept of circles brings to the social web something that Facebook has been seriously lacking for a while, a way to easily choose which friends see what. Now I... read more

Apple vs. Adobe: When Large Corporations Fight Like Children

After months and months of hearing about the whole Apple vs. Adobe “Steve Jobs hates flash” debate; I’m incredibly surprises people are still going on about it. This morning I was reading an article on Mashable regarding Adobe’s revenue performance. The fact that people still think that HTML5 will completely wipe Flash from existence as we know boggles my mind, and why do people... read more

We Are Nashville

While the waters of the Cumberland raged and wreaked havoc and destruction on the Nashville metro area; the national media seemed as if it could care less as to the devastation this historic natural disaster brought. If you Googled “Nashville Flood” you found practically nothing and the case was much the same for national news and media outlets. Many reasons and opinions for this have surfaced... read more

Nikola Tesla Predicted Smartphones 100 Years Ago

While some may think that the plethora of smartphones and other handheld devices may seem futuristic and ever so modern; the fact is, visionaries have been imagining and predicting similar technology for more than 100 years. Nikola Tesla, one of the fathers of the modern alternating current (AC) electrical system we use everyday, stated in an interview with New York Times back in 1909 that in the future it... read more

A bit of humor in these troubling times

Opryland's Delta Island Flooded For those of you who are not in the Nashville area or are not fully aware of what’s going on; this video does a pretty good job of summing things up with a bit of humor. After all, with all the devastation and destruction, we can all use a good laugh. So I hope this can bring a smile to your face no matter where you are. Please remember to keep the Nashville... read more
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