About Me

Where to start…

Well first off, my name is Jonathan Burton, I’m 28 and currently living in Nashville, TN. I moved here almost 7 years ago playing music. I know you’re shocked that a musician moved to Nashville. I played professionally for several years and after surviving off gigs and odd jobs in between, I currently work as the Director of Web Development at Whitehardt, Inc. down on Music Row.

I am married to an amazingly, wonderful (not to mention gorgeous) woman named Jennifer Heath Burton.

Overall I’m pretty laid back and easy going person. A bit of a perfectionist, although I try to never take things anymore seriously than needed. After all life’s no fun if you’re too serious, too much. And, according to my friends, I am the king of useless knowledge. I know everything there is to know about everything there’s absolutely no use knowing, and I don’t know why… That was a bit confusing.

I’m also a bit of an avid gamer. Mostly playing on my Xbox 360 but I did just recently aquire a Wii so I’ve been old schooling quite a bit here recently. If you’re on Xbox Live hit me up for some games. My Gamertag is Lowendtheory5SC.


~ Jonathan