My intial thoughts on Google+

Google PlusI’ve only been using Google+ for a day but so far I’m very impressed. I find it interested that Google, the king of algorithms, has actually brought a very human feel to the social networking arena. I’m speaking of circles. The concept of circles brings to the social web something that Facebook has been seriously lacking for a while, a way to easily choose which friends see what. Now I know Facebook can do this to some extent, but it’s not nearly as intuitive and elegant as Google+’s circles. I haven’t had a chance to really test out hangouts myself yet, but it’s a feature that looks amazing from what I’ve seen.

Really hoping Apple approves the Google+ iPhone app very soon. While the web app is nice, I am getting a bit envious of the awesomeness of the Android + app. Particularly the instant upload for photos, which they were especially smart to make you instant upload go to a private folder rather than straight to your stream. I think they implemented that perfectly as it allows you have all the photos you take on your phone right there in Google+ but for your eyes only, so that you can then organize them and post the one’s you like to post; and only to to those circles you choose to share them with.

While I don’t think Facebook needs to worry about getting knocked out of the top social spot, Google+ will definitely cause them to step it up a couple of notches, though I don’t think I’ll ever trust Facebook like I do Google. After all, Google’s mantra of “don’t be evil” they actually seem to put into practice. Same can’t be said for Facebook, who seems to follow the “try not to get caught being evil” approach.

I’ll be posting some nifty tips and tutorials on how to maximize your Google+ experience, such as syncing posts to Facebook and Twitter, very soon so check back soon or subscribe to my feed for updates.

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