Apple vs. Adobe: When Large Corporations Fight Like Children

After months and months of hearing about the whole Apple vs. Adobe “Steve Jobs hates flash” debate; I’m incredibly surprises people are still going on about it. This morning I was reading an article on Mashable regarding Adobe’s revenue performance. The fact that people still think that HTML5 will completely wipe Flash from existence as we know boggles my mind, and why do people make it sound as it Adobe has dependent of Flash to survive? Adobe was doing well long before they acquired Flash when they bought Macromedia. Furthermore, HTML5 is not going to replace all uses of Flash. As HTML5 continues to mature it will replace several things we, the developers, have come to use Flash for. However, what people seem to be forgetting is that Flash will also continue to evolve and adapt to better suit the needs that can’t be fulfilled with HTML5. We will end up with simply a better selection of better suited “tools for the job” as developers.

I believe as HTML5 begins to replace Flash for several uses, Adobe will focus on finely tuning Flash to better suit the areas which developers will use it for. I also think those areas may shift, change or evolve as Flash itself evolves and adapts as a platform and tool.

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