We Are Nashville

While the waters of the Cumberland raged and wreaked havoc and destruction on the Nashville metro area; the national media seemed as if it could care less as to the devastation this historic natural disaster brought. If you Googled “Nashville Flood” you found practically nothing and the case was much the same for national news and media outlets. Many reasons and opinions for this have surfaced since, but I believe Patten from Section 303 had the most interesting and, sadly, accurate reasons behind the lack of national attention to what will most likely become the greatest natural disaster in this country that wasn’t a hurricane. See his post “We Are Nashville” here.

Interestingly enough, it seems the best source for current news regarding the situation here in Nashville was, and still is, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where residents and officials in Middle Tennessee have been posting details of the flood, devastation, volunteer opportunities, relief efforts and more, as they happen.

In the end though, I’m glad to know that Tennessee is living up to its moniker as “the Volunteer State.”

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  1. Force Factor says:

    I certainly hope that the government addresses this particular tragedy better than they did with hurricane Katrina. Having lived through a flooding myself, I will tell you it can often be absolutely devestating. Even if you are blessed enough to have the means to have the capacity to replace your own material posessions, there are always some important things that money can’t restore. My heart really goes out to those folks and they’ve been in my thoughts and prayers.

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