Top 10 things to do when Gmail is down:

10. Continue pretending you’re still doing work, after all, it’s what you’ve been doing for the past 3 hours. Why stop now?

9. Shout angrily at your monitor, hoping it will help. (but you know it never listens to you)

8. Type in “gmail down” into Google and see all the blog posts.

7. Convince yourself you’ll be ok without your email all in one place.

6. Wonder if you’ll be done with this post before it’s back up.

5. Smoke signals (Note: hard to do in an office setting)

4. Scramble to re-locate your AIM friends

3. Try to crack open your rusty hotmail/netscape/aol mail/yahoomail

2. Write this post because you can’t do any work right now.

1. Get nostalgic about the great Twitter blackout of 2009

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