God give me Patience & Grace…

“God give me patience and grace…” 

That’s about all  I know to say after the past several days. The last 3 days of work seem to have lasted forever. Last Friday one of my tech guys quit. I can’t say I blame him as he was basically told by my boss that he’s a dime a dozen and completely expendable. (I’m paraphrasing by the way. My boss didn’t use those exact words but that was the general, underlying statement.) I was upset for him (my tech guy), he has been an invaluable member of my team for almost half a year now. While he has also become a friend as well as an employee, that does not de-value the fact that, since he came on board, my dept has posted record figures! That should count for something. Now just as I am finally able to get things to reasonable, manageable level, my boss has to go and demoralize everyone so much that one of my guys quits! 

If things were not bad enough, he decide,s on a whim, that he doesn’t want anyone to eat at their desk anymore. (Something that everyone, including him, have been doing for as long as I’ve worked there.) Now, I will be the very first to say that, as the president of the company, he absolutely entitled to make such a policy. However, to reprimand someone for breaking a policy before it has actually officially been made makes about as much sense and trying to eat a cake before you’ve baked it! 

I guess what makes all this so incomprehensible to me is that, to me, it’s common sense that happy employees are productive employees. If John Smith is given a task and completes that task on time and correctly, why should I care as his supervisor if he decided to eat breakfast at his desk while doing his work. If the work is consistently getting done, and done well, why would I want to upset the apple cart as it were?

Now, with the preface of my ranting, I’m going back to my original statement. “God give me patience and grace…” Because when days like today (or past 3) hit you like a 300 lbs linebacker, all you can do is call on God for “… the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulnessgentleness, and)self-control…” (Gal 5:22-23) Because even though I may feel that recent actions are unnecessary, overly critical and even unfair, I must remind myself that God is in control, and that I don’t know all the reasons behind everything that happens. God may be using this as a time of preparation and learning. A time to allow me to really put my faith in Him in the midst of uncertainty and ever-increasing stress. And when I look at it from that approach, all of a sudden things don’t look so stressful and bleak, because I know God will never put me a situation that I can’t handle as long as I have my faith in Him. Funny how that works out isn’t it?

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